M.A.D.E Enterprise LTD launches!

Today is the day M.A.D.E Enterprise LTD launches!

M.A.D.E Enterprise LTD is a social media and web development company that helps small and medium-sized businesses grow an online presence. We understand that many companies do not have the capital to employ a full-time person for these activities. However, M.A.D.E Enterprise LTD can fill in that gap and generate new sales through the use of online content.

If you want:

    • A social media page that builds your online presence
    • A social media page that allows your business to be found and remembered
    • A social media page that interacts with its community 
    • A web design that looks professional 
    • A web design that converts visitors into customers
    • A web design with monthly blog updates to boost SEO 
    • A web design that is consistent in quality across all devices

Then M.A.D.E Enterprise is the right company for you!

M.A.D.E Enterprise’s Content Managment Service

Content management is one of the primary considerations in Website Design. Whether you are able to manage your own content or you would prefer M.A.D.E Enterprise to manage the content on a monthly basis for you, we believe you’ll benefit most from using WordPress, – the worlds foremost content management system, providing flexibility, ease of use and extendability – allowing us to work to your advantage.

M.A.D.E Enterprise’s Website Design Service

Here at M.A.D.E Enterprise, we love to create modern looking, functional, content management systems using WordPress as a framework. We favour working with WordPress as we believe it is one of the best search engine friendly frameworks available.

Designs range from one-page brochure site all the way up to a multi-product eCommerce site. You can be comfortable in the fact that M.A.D.E enterprise has the know-how and experience to create a design that will enhance your web presence and therefore your online visibility. Visit our services page to see what see what else we can assist you with.

M.A.D.E Enterprise’s Pricing

Virtually every business has different needs for their social media and website. M.A.D.E Enterprise offers a social media content package on a monthly basis and also a base website package as a starter platform and can go on to build more advanced sites. The starter platform contains those elements which every website should have; namely security, automated backups, lead capture etc. Please use the contact page to discuss your specific needs and receive a price estimate.

Author: MADE Enterprise

Made enterprise was established in 2018 producing creative and innovative websites from the heart of oxfordshire.